Texas. #2 in size

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Jamie and I started our roadtrip journey from New Orleans Lousiana. We trecked across parts of the bayou set our sites on meeting a friend in Houston. 
Houston. If you look at it on a map, the roads look like a jumbled hot mess of BS. That’s exactly what it is, a jumbled mess, with tolls and so many lanes and a spiral of hate and discontent. 

I ended up getting to a point of no return and had to continue through the gates of Hell, I mean Houston. A few buddies of ours moved from Alaska down to Houston and I hadn’t seen them in years, so I held back the tears and made it out of the mess to the side streets. 

I cannot recall the name of the restaurant (I appologize, and maybe I’ll find the name again), but Houston has done something phenominal. Where Cajun meets Asian. The Vietnam Crawfish boil is the BOMB! They were flavorful and had just enough heat. Grab a bucket of beer to wash it down. 

There are several of them in the Houston area, so you must check them out. Many serve beer only, to save on permit costs, but that is fine with me. 

I learned so much that day. That there are farms for crawfish. I did not know that they did that, like fields and fields of crawfish. 

Austin on the other hand…

Now I have ventured twice into Austin now. Once with Jamie just around ACL time and again with some work friends just to get some time out of Alaska together. Manny is trecking North America on his motorcycle. You can follow him on Twitter  @ RidinTheUnknown

I do have to say that Austin is one of my favorite Texas places so far. There is a whole section (up and coming) that has local brewery, food trucks and small shops with handmade merchandise. Its several blocks long and easy to walk.  There is an escape room located in Austin, with a wine tasting bar right next door. What better way to free up your mind than to drink several small glasses of wine. 

Austin has an icecream bar, and no I don’t mean something similar to a Klondike Bar, but I mean boozy icecream at Prohibition Creamery Shakes, Sundaes and drinks. Manny wasn’t a huge fan of the sweets, but thats because he is not human. 

Wine for the brain
A must see in Austin!
Six Finger Football Team – Austin Texas. Everyone has 6 fingers on one hand!!!

Local Brews

Camera shake, not drunk yet

Boozy Shakes

Food…. big fan of food

Omm nom nom

12 different oysters. I didn’t know there was so many different “flavors”

Remember the Alamo

San Antonio Texas. 

Busy city and no parks. That actually what I remember most about San Antonio. 

We even left with a Bag of Dicks