Big Sky! – Montana

Meeting the fam….

Meeting her family in Montana was a very special occasion. Her grandparents, very lucid and amazing memory, were celebrating their wedding anniversary as well as birthdays. We had made a journey all the way from Washington through Idaho down to Missoula Montana. This is where her family reunion was taking place.

Her aunt and uncle live in a ski resort area and we decided to go up for some drinking and ziplining. Later on you’re going to realize there was a lot of zip lining and drinking involved in my life. If you ever get a chance to go to Missoula Montana make sure you go to the Snow Bowl. Summertime they have a great zip line tour and the Final Run Bar at the resort serves a mean bloody mary. He makes his own seasoning to go into the bloody.

My favorite part about the bloody mary is the seasoning that he has created.  It has a kick, almost takes your breath away yet smooth and he puts just enough vodka in there that everything seems to relax.

Missoula has great things to offer. You can go tubing down the river, there’s lakes for fishing, of course zip lining and drinking, and hiking to the M. Not going to lie, the hike kicked my butt but I’ve lost weight and worked out since then. I bet you I could do it in half the time now. 

Looking over the city is amazing it’s a great friendly town. Everybody loves to say “hello” while you’re walking down the street. There’s deer in people’s front yards, just chilling. The city seems very accepting to alternative lifestyles. Never once did we feel like we had to hide that we were a couple. Everybody is very loving and accepting in Missoula Montana.

Montana Snow Bowl
The M in Missoula.
Lights and Sirens: Jamie got a ticket on way to Missoula