New Orleans

Best of the gay scene

We pranced around a few places in NOLA while there. Made our way through the French Quarter, listened to jazz, saw the historical statues before they were torn down, ate beignets from Cafe Du Monde and an attempted swindle by a homeless man. 

He was a sneaky SOB. and I fell for his joke. Where you get your shoes at?

Cafe Du Monde.

Had to get a bag
GAYborhood Map!
LGBT acceptance

Anyways, we found Good Friends bar. It is safe and a must visit for the LGBT family out there. They were very helpful with directions to other LGBT focused places and events happening around the city. 

*also, I told the homeless man I got my shoes on my feet and he responded quickly with “nah, you got them on your socks. They aint touching your feet”. Dammit!

The streets are filled with food

Fried oysters, Red Fish Grill

Shrimp and Grits, best in NOLA 2017
Got myself a sazerac and the red fish.
Louisiana Brews!

LGBT safety city

I always felt safe in New Orleans. If you ask Jamie, she felt like her soul was at home in NOLA. I thought the streets weren’t as scary as people had made them sound. 

We weren’t there during MardiGras but a week after, and there was still beads in all the trees and decorations everywhere. 

NOLA is like the cajun vegas. The food is yummy, theres historical places to see and there are plenty to do. Now that I say that, we did have a stabbing directly across the street from our hotel and the cops were there and some drama trying to find the suspect, but while we watched the police, we didnt feel scared. Maybe it was that we were drunky… 

Matching road trip shirts
dorks 🙂

Go to:

Red fish grill

Good Friends Bar

Mother’s Restaurant – Home of the ham Po Boy

The Friendly Bar

Stay at the International House Hotel. They have a nice location away from the hubbub while being within walking distance. The lobby bar is nice and fancy with good cocktails. And the prices aren’t bad at all, fairly cheap. 

Carnival Cruise Embarked from New Orleans!