Back Street Back Vegas!

Many years ago when I was a young teen, I enjoyed listening to BSB and Britney Spears. My sister and I had made plans to see Backstreet live in Vegas and my dad was to travel as the chaperone. I was 14. 20 years later, there is a reunion tour in Vegas. Same band but a score later. This was a must-do event for my sister, dad and I. Jamie was dragged begrudgingly along (she was a little older when the boy bands were making their mark).

Overall we had a blast. We enjoyed drinks and food; there was a nice relaxing pool at the hotel where the concert was also being held. I knew every line of every song still. The only thing is that they do not move as quickly as they 20 years prior. It is understandable with age, but there was less dancing from them and relying on their backup dancers.

Vodka Cran at Planet Hollywood
Is this considered a taco bar?

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