Getting the “Chit”na outta here!

A tiny community with a dangerous fishing history and a interesting slogan. “Where the Hell is Chitina?” On the only road to McCarthy you will pass through Chitina. There is a bar and some small shops to see, but the main reason to stay is for the river and the fish. Copper river reds can go for a pretty penny in the commercial market. Here you can stand along a very fast and very dangerous river and sink your net in hopes of grabbing a few of these salmon. Every year someone perishes form the swift current and snags under the rapids.

There are still fish-wheels being used and you can watch them circle around scooping up fish. Make sure you stop in and take a little camping stop there near the water.

McCarthy, across the bridge and up to the glacier. The old mine can still be walked through (in parts that are deemed safe and updated) and you can travel all the way to the glacier. I recommend taking bikes or a wheeler with you so you can go up and down the road from the town to the mine, as those shuttles can add up in price.

Kennicott Mine

The only vehicles in town are for the people that live there. If you are coming to visit and site see you will have to walk or cross into town through a shuttle, bike or ATV.

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