Amsterdam is definitely the city of bikes. There were entire blocks for bike parking and every apartment complex had racks for bike storage. There were biking lanes and sidewalks for pedestrians. It seems like a very fit country and I could lose some weight living there.
There were also numerous signs regarding pick-pocketing and to be aware of your wallets, cellphones and purses. We never experienced that, but it did make us move our belongings to more secured pant locations.

Gay bars but no lesbian bars.

Gay bars but no lesbian bars. One thing we tried to find were lesbian bars. Each of the gay bars we found were male focused and even the bartenders said that all the lesbian focused bars had shut down over the years. Maybe lesbians don’t frequent bars as much.
This wasn’t just an Amsterdam issue, we found this in every city we traveled so far (Reykjavik, Berlin and Munich).

One gay bar in Amsterdam. Made hot bloody. It had some HEAT!
Not bad
It was called “Oh My”
Amsterdam train station drinking some bloody’s.
Getto gay bar. Meh… It was allright.