First of all I have to say that the city of Munich is so amazing and friendly. Both Jamie and I would love to come back and plan on more Oktoberfest celebrations in our future.

Berlin – The Divide

In hopes to see the wall memorials, we walked around the city and used the bus/tram to see the sights. There is a lot of emotional heaviness in the city. Some of the structures have an aura or feeling about them.

My favorite bar of the whole Berlin experience was a bar in the basement of a building in East Berlin. It was lit by candles and the wax was so built up, making it look creepy. I cannot imagine how may people have been inside those walls and the possibilities of someone to have died in those rooms. The ambiance of the room really felt old. If those walls could talk.

Erdinger makes a dunkel worth having more than once.

We walked through the streets and found geocaches. There was a rollerskating marathon going on at the same time, so when we were adventuring to the Brandenburg we had to deal with a mass amount of people. We did get to see Checkpoint Charlie as well as remainders of the wall in other sections of town.

Restaurants and food trucks near Checkpoint Charlie. Just after this picture, a storm blew in and there was rain and lightning/thunder.
Fancy steakhouse in Northeastern Berlin. Don’t eat the liver, not that it was bad. Just never eat liver in general. Its all gross.
The Becks honestly did not taste bad at all, a little too light, but refreshing.


By far the best of the cities of the trip, Munich has a Bavarian history full of positive vibes, art and beer. Bavaria is different than many of the other German locations that were of Prussian influence. They hold their most cherished holiday every September and October, known as Oktoberfest. This celebration consists of beer and bratwurst, singing and dancing and cheering with friends and family.

Jamie and I were wearing our dirndl as we used the public transport from the Airbnb to the field where the festival is being held, we felt like we were going to stand out. Roughly 2 stops into the route, the bus has a stop that completely packs the entire bus. Standing room only and even then didn’t leave much for breathing room. We were not going to stand out! Every person has Lederhosen or a dirndl on; we knew if we followed the crowd that we wouldn’t get lost.

They know their beer, but no clue on a bloody.

Every restaurant we went to and every bar we would look for and ask about bloody marys. They did not have the ingredients or they had no idea what we were even talking about. What they do have is delicious and not too filling beer. It tasted light, it tasted like a pilsner or lager like here in the US. The only difference is their ABV is not the same as ours. You could easily get drunk of a Liter of beer there instead of what we have here.

It was explained to us that you should double the percentage labeled on the beer to get the more accurate German ABV of the beer. So when you are drinking a 4% beer it is going to hit you like an 8% beer without the bloat.

That’s getting more bang for your buck!