No Bloody Drinks

I have asked each place I encountered about making a bloody mary. Not only do they not make a bloody, many of them have never even heard of the bloody.

I did order a Heizenburg. Its a take on a Michelada. Vodka and beer. Its not good. I do not recommend.

Salty and sour. Bitter. No Bueno.
The hot wings were amazing though

Naked & Afraid

I was neither Naked nor Afraid, but I did experience what it is like to be in the jungle and asleep next to the sites and sounds of monkeys, birds and bugs.
I have seen so many unique spiders and butterflies mostly. They are fascinating looking. There was this one, that I can only describe as a transformer spider. It did not transform, but there was spikeys and weird shapes on its body and head.

I was also stung by this devil caterpillar. I hit it with my pinky first as it crawled up my leg. It hurt so the dumbass reaction I had next was to smack it with the rest of my hand. OUCH!!! It stung each of my fingers and it hurt so incredibly bad. Stinging, burning and scary as I wasn’t even sure if it was poisonous or not.

No Halba Español

When I was in high school, I was required to take a foreign language. Since Spanish class was full, I had to take French class. I had no desire to study French, but it was required and I had no other option. This course did lay a foundation to what could be helpful in the future, but I still struggled my way through. I did learn to play the national card game by using my language struggle skills and of course some charades.

Cuarenta is a card game where the goal is to get 40 points. It is a game for 2 or 4 players and it can be quite quickly. They have large tourneys in the city where some can win hundreds of dollars and no other nation plays this game, let alone even knows about it. I love it and I challenge anyone to a quick game.

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