Taproom and Tasting

Headless Mumby

One of our favorite brewery locations in Olympia Washington was at Headless Mumby’s. They have an excellent selection of flights available and the owners were right there to help serve.

The best flavor was the smoked rye. Rich and smooth. Not acidic and the unique tea cask was an interesting take on a craft beer. There wasn’t as much IPA or Hazey IPA that we had seen through most of Western Washington so far on our journey.

Its no wonder why the Headless Mumby has won several craft brewery awards.

Oly Taproom

Although the taproom had covid restrictions and there was limitation on seating and how ordering was done, theey do have quiet a selection of brews to try.

Oly Taproom does not have flights but they do some 4oz pours for tasting. Their unique selection of nearby breweries set them apart a bit, but they do have some excellent choices. Our favorite was the Top Rung (Raspberry Summer Ale)

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