Hunkering our own way in Washington

Helping a friend move… How sweet of us, right? Actually it was well worth the trip. During COVID, the traveling is definitely more difficult. Finding suitable food and beverage places when there are limitations to how many people can be inside can become a hassle.

The Eagle Has Lifted.

Our friends were moving from Alaska to Washington state. Moving is already a stressful event, but they are also parents of five (yes I said 5!) large dogs. Two of which are brachycephalic and cannot fly under the plane. They are also moving a large number of personal items in which need to be driven down the AlCan (Alaska-Canada). This is where Jamie and I come into the picture. The large plane-allowed dogs are to be flown south with 4 large cases full of thirty-plus guns (yes, I said 30+!). We were tasked to accompany these items to their destination, a newly purchased home in Shelton Washington.

It took over 2-hours to weigh the dogs, the crates, the guns and then screen them through TSA in Anchorage. 4:30am comes too early and it was all kind of a haze honestly. I recall a lot of heavy lifting and zip-ties. Once the pups and secured cases made it through security, we ventured through and then awaited the line to speak to an agent at the desk.

I don’t usually complain about the unconscious bias toward the LGBT, but this is certainly one to consider. Our boarding passes list Jamie and I in different rows. I was seated in 10 and she was in 30. This is all during the pandemic where I would assume they would prefer similar-germ people to sit together. Instead, the agent told us she was trying to work on getting family members seated next to one another and if we couldn’t sit toegther then there was nothing she could do.

“Hey. We are married! We are family”. Oh Man! Jamie. Was. Pissed.

After loudly announcing her frustration to the agent, we were promptly moved to sit next to one another. How convenient and easy it was for the agent to do, once she realized her assumption was wrong about the two women that wanted to sit together. After all that, we were off.

Flying during COVID sucks. No booze so I couldn’t add any more experiences to my flying section. No food. No purchased food. Wearing a mask. So hot and uncomfortable, but we followed the procedures regardless.

The Eagle Has Landed.

Have you ever completed one of those puzzles where you have to move all the objects without doubling up? Similar to the Tower of Hanoi. That is how we had to move the crates with canines and the arsenal from the baggage claim to the curbside. Back and forth with one of those $5 luggage carts and heaving one 120# pooch on before returning back to Jamie whom had to wait curbside to protect our property. So much lifting, those guys were heavy and awkward.

Everyone survived and we all made it to SeaTac. Now to find our way past Olympia and into Shelton. So hot out, we felt so bad for the dogs, being crated the flight and moved to the truck and headed down at highway speed for another hour before reaching their final destination. They were so ready to get out and stretch their bodies. They were happy to be at their home.

Olympia Washington

I think it was the Bella I enjoyed the most.

I personally am not an oyster fan, but Jamie sure enjoys them. I will try them occasionally but on this trip I learned what “briney” truly meant. It is a salty seawater taste that I assumed was part of the package. Apparently it is not, in fact there are many flavors of oyster. Get a flight of different locations and you will discover a “buttery” flavor that is much more delectable.

This picture above is a selection from the Olympia Oyster House (not much imagination in the name). They had a great selection of oysters to try and their shrimp taco is yummy!

What is also neat is they have a ton of recipes for oysters and seafood dishes lacquered into the tables. You can learn while you eat and drink.

Oyster stuffing

Model T

We were enjoying a few beers inside the Shelton Cabin Tavern, when the lead cook told us the “best place to get a bloody”. He gave us the name of Model T only a “30 min” drive for a good bloody. The bartender was great. The cook there was friendly and funny. She had a Covid mask that said “Sexy Sheila” and she was quick with making food.

Filling and cheap. Must try the fried pickle spears.
Meat straw. Just the way I like it. A tool you can eat.

Thank you Cabin Tavern for telling us about Model T. If you are in the area of Hoodsport Washington, this place is a must!

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