Oh Canada!

Getting to Canada

Since the travel between US and Canada is so frequent, the customs agents don’t need to stamp your passport each trip. In fact, we had to ask for it before he would stamp it. I made sure to bring my passport book when we left for Canada for just that reason. 

We flew in from Seattle and took a Victoria Clipper ship on the way back. If I could do it again I would take the clipper there and fly back at night. It was cold, dark and windy, so we didn’t even enjoy the scenery.

There was a very nice man from Scotland. Taught me that over there, they don’t wear their family tartan, just wear whatever is comfortable. Good to know dude. I didn’t want to spend too much on a new kilt. 

There are a few differences in bloody marys in Canada. They call them Caesar Cocktails. Bartholemews Pub Downtown makes a full meal in their Caesar.They call it the Signature Double Seafood Caesar and it has and Oyster AND a jumbo shrimp. Yum Yum. 

We all know Canada is LGBT friendly so thats never an issue. Go visit even if its a short trip. There is so much history in Victoria. There are monuments, castle, parliament, graves, statues all over the city. Get yourself some poutine and a caesar cocktail for brunch. 

Geocaching in Canada – Bartholomews http://www.bartholomewspub.com/

Just look at that thing of beauty!!!! The Signature Double Seafood Caesar!