Michel and the Pink Kitty

Cabo San Lucas. All-inclusive resort on the beach with outdoor pool bars. I have never experienced such a thing in my life, but it was pretty awesome. I love the fact we could wake up and start drinking and never really stop until our liver or brain stopped us and it didn’t cost us anything extra.

2 white girls from Alaska, and we decide to walk to the downtown streets of Cabo from the resort. How bad can that be? Have you ever walked on rocky sand? Its a very rough sand in Cabo in comparison to other places, so its very hard on the skin and if you walk in flip-flops its very hard on the calves and shins.    

       – Listen to me bitch about first world problems –

Anyways, we walk to city center and enjoy some great food. I experienced chicken mole for the first time. It was good. The prices of food and drink in Cabo is not what I was expecting for Mexico. Not super dirt cheap, but what do you expect in tourist trap. We did hit up the Wal-Mart across the railroad track from the beach and city center. There we bought 100 dollars worth of tequila to bring home. Cabo is an expensive spot to stop in Mexico if you decide to buy your own food at restaurants, so you may want to go in to an all-inlcusive just to save cost.

Michel was a bartender At our Resort. He had this drink that he called Pink Kitty. We asked him what it was and he basically said it was clear alcohol all added together. And I think guava juice. It was actually quite delicious and it got us pretty drunk pretty quick. First time I have ever had a swim-up pool bar.

Michel was super awesome and friendly. we talked about him growing up in Mexico. We talked a lot about the atmosphere in Cabo and how friendly it is. We discussed his future and how he wants to go to school and he’s saving his Resort money.

Cabo is super friendly and we didn’t get any anti-gay Vibes at all at the resort or even walking around the city.

Happy Drunken New Years!

I don’t know if it was chicken

Yucatan Peninsula. Progresso. Jamie and I are walking around the streets of Progresso after deciding we didn’t want to venture in the tour bus to the Mayan temples like all the other people from the cruise. We decide we want to venture on our own and possibly get some geocaches in the area. Two white girls from Alaska meandering around in a country in which they are not familiar. I actually felt very safe.

Checking out the shops and the local Street vendors. We do eventually walk next to this cage in this person’s front yard. And there is a raccoon staring at his with his beady little eyes. Inside this cage no bigger than a large dog kennel. Is this a pet? Is this dinner? We continue on. 

 As we’re wandering around we do see a food truck. More a food cart. And there was this old lady stir-frying some sort of meat together, some seasoning and sauces and there  appears to be homemade tortilla shells on the side. This looks amazing. 

So I take a palm full of coins and cash none of which I know how to count and I have an arm stretched out. I hand her the money and I say “dos”. We have very partial spanglish conversation, a lot of hand gestures and movement and the word Picante and “Si”. Basically all I know is I’m getting two of something and it’s going to be hot and I’m going to love it. Jamie and I devoure these little tacos and they were so good. 

What kind of meat was this? It was only after I had eaten the entire thing and even licked my fingers clean and that I decided to start questioning what it was I actually ate. Was it chicken? Was it raccoon? I’ve never had raccoon before and they’re obviously in cages in the area. Honestly, don’t know and don’t care and I would totally eat it again. Even if I did find out what it was I could totally eat that again. Unless it’s human. I don’t want the hunger…. (Always Sunny in Philadelphia) šŸ˜‰

Also found on the streets. Not 1 but 2 kiddos on that bike.

Please do not put salsa in my….

I have never really understood why people like the taste of red beer. I like my bloody Mary with a beer back, preferably Stella. I think that is delicious and if you go to Crossroads in Anchorage you totally get your bloody with a beer back.

I don’t want my bloody Mary and my beer in one glass. 
I understand that if you do not like to drink beer a way to ease some of the bitterness or hoppiness of a beer is to add Clamato to it but it’s gross. 

We are in Progresso walking around drinking beer, as one does, and we decided to get a few beers from a gas station. Without really looking or paying attention we bought salsa in our beer.

Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot!

By all means put tomato juice in the beer! I would take clamato juice over that salsa any day. That was horrible. There will be a picture attached to this so if you do see this stay away. Stay far away.

No! Just say no! Does not taste like a cheap bloody mary.

When in Cozumel, get the “medium” margaritas.