Heineken Beer. Not usually my go-to in beers. There sure was a lot in Amsterdam.
A little history of the beer, courtesy of Wikipedia. Started in 1864, but the original closed in 1988. It is now co-owned by SABMiller and Anheuser-Busch. Although it has american influence now the draft beer in Amsterdam tastes COMPLETELY different than the beers you can get here in the US. The flavor is lacking in America, there is little flavor but the price is usually a little cheaper.

I do remember drinking the mini-keg as a teenager thinking it was the greatest invention in drinking ever. Now as an adult it is not the most delectable beer. It is worth getting in Amsterdam. It is also one of the ONLY beers in Amsterdam. When you walk into a bar, don’t expect many varieties of beer on tap. What you do have is a choice of which Heineken tap you would like to drink from.


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