New York

Albany New York, State Capitol, and not nearly as big as I was expecting. Not here for pleasure, this is a business trip, but what kind of person would I be if I didn’t share some food and drinks with my readers.

Albany is pretty neat. There is this large Egg shaped building, appropriately deemed “The Egg” and I believe it is an amphitheater. Unique design for sure. If you go downtown to see the Egg, make sure to stop in at the Firefighter memorial as well as the Museum.

The New York State museum is FREE to enter. There is a recommended donation box, but it free to enjoy. There are some really cool booths to look at with manikins and props to show how life was like in prehistoric, colonial and early American times.

The most important and memorable moment in the museum is the 9/11 exhibit. It has the all the feels still attached to all the articles and remnants from that disastrous day. Stories of lost and stories of survivors. If you only see one exhibit, make sure this is the one you see.

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