Las Vegas Rugby 7’s

2020 was the year Jamie and I were invited to assist in the medical care during the Invitational Sevens tournament in Las Vegas.
What a blast!

So much food and drink after the games. We learned so much about the sport than we had previously know. It was great. We also learned that rat-tails and mullets are coming back.

Yes, you read that correctly. RAT-TAILS and MULLETS. Okay, so I get the mullet. Hair gets in the eyes so you cut it but you are also a little lazy and don’t wanna deal with the back. Sure. It can make a majestic mane or a great country song.

The rat-tail though. That is time-consuming, purposeful, self-hatred. That is a voluntary act.

Tiny lobster tail with big expense.
This horse even has a (reverse) rat-tail
This bloody had some kick!

The craft brewing in Vegas has grown.

Yum Yum Taco Time

The last time we were in Vegas there was less micro-brews. Now there are so many more and they have so many delicious choices. It is amazing how much variety there are in pilsner, lager and porters.

Two Words…. Tacos & Beer.

Beer battered avocado on the left and the “Crunchy” on the right

Clark Gable; a lost love; and a crooked poker dealer.

The Pioneer Saloon just outside Las Vegas is an old saloon with a infamous history. Walk in and remnants of the past are plastered on the walls. There are stories of the old ghost from a poker game shootout and the bullet hole remnants.

Micro-brewing in Henderson

In a warehouse/stripmall section in Henderson, you can find three craft breweries. It is off the main streets and you may feel like you took a wrong turn. Trust me, these places offer a plethora of refreshments.

The Hardway 8 in Henderson has a pee chee folder cover and baseball card style menu for the drinks. It is an inventive way to display their beers. Excellent Henderson choice. I had the fried bologna sandwich and it did not disappoint.

Fried bologna sandwich @ Hardway 8
LoveLady Brewing. We had to go here, its like it was calling us.
Get the Paleo. Its like liquid Reese’s Pieces.

No Dam Gambling

Boulder City is a cute little town with a love of shorts (movies). Known for its logistical construction location, it is just outside the dam. Whether you want to call it Hoover or Boulder Dam, the people there know its true name.
The city also has a standing history of short films and film festivals. The Boulder Theater showing films for that last 16 years in the Dam Short Film Festival.
It is also one of the few places in Nevada that does not allow gambling. That means no annoying slot machines everywhere. No computerized multi-games on the bar.
Super cute. They light their streets using strings of lights around the trees. It is neat. You will have to see the town and walk the streets.

Last, but certainly not least. Rugby.

The whole reason for the travel to Nevada was to assist in the Invitational 7’s Tournament by providing medical support.

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