In search of a gay friendly bar!

We had survived Arkansas. While we were in Arkansas we made sure to ask around about gay bars in the following states that we will be entering. We were definitely warned to stay out of Mississippi. We were told they’re horrible and super anti-gay. Basically an entire state of homophobic people. So we cautiously went into Mississippi. Meeting of friend in Quitman later that day we decided to head past Jackson down to Meridian Mississippi.

We found a few nice bars just your typical pub food some beverages. Google search we tried to find gay-friendly establishments. Being it a Sunday, it was really hard finding anything that was even open. Again with the dry or damp areas. What’s wrong with a nice Sunday brunch?

We find this place on Google Map says that it is a gay friendly bar. It’s called Tammy’s Pop a Top. We decide, hell it’s open let’s go check it out. We make this interesting drive through some back streets, down to some industrial area. Near some railroad tracks. End of the dirt road. We get to a dirt parking lot and a very small dive bar.

On the end of the building is a large rebel flag. I understand that Mississippi has a rebel flag and a very rebel flag background. Never been afraid of the rebel flag. It has never been offensive to me, but this made the hair on the back of my neck stand up with all the warnings that we had back in Arkansas.

Walking up to the front door there is a sign that says Members Only. Now mind you, my girlfriend loves me very much, but she did want me to go first. I was nervous and I wasn’t sure how to go into this building that may or may not be accepting of us and we may be murdered afterwards. I stepped through that door and the second the door opened we were greeted with hello and friendly faces and come on lady sit down and have a beer.

Our fears went right out the window. The wait staff and the people sitting at the tape covered, uneven, rusty bar stools were so friendly. They invited us out back to talk to the blind customer that was just full of jokes. He wanted to finish the road trip and drive for us. He said he always wanted to grow up and be a gynecologist and I informed him with his sight he may hav accidentally been a proctologist instead depending on his angle. We all had a great laugh. We all had a great time.

All those warning labels of the “members only” and the Confederate flag. All of the warnings that we got from Arkansas. It all meant nothing and we were greeted with amazing Southern Hospitality. They gave us food the beers were only two bucks. Great atmosphere. If you ever get an opportunity to go through Meridian Mississippi you must go to this hole in the wall, Dive Bar, sketchy looking, pub called Tammy’s Pop a Top. It may not be gay. But it is friendly.