Austin (business and pleasure)

Although this trip to Austin was for business there was still going to be food and beverages consumed. I had to rely on input form my peers and I even joined my instrucotrs for lunch at Torchy’s.

It was a very short trip but here are some highlights if you are in South Austin area and looking for lunch or dinner.

Decently made lemonade. I don’t know if I would call it Damn Good.

I don’t know if I would call any of the food at Torchy’s anything special. It was satisfying and was good. It is an Americanized chain taco restaurant with a cherub devil logo. The Lemonade was not horrible but maybe my Alaskan taste-buds needed more sugar or even more fruit flavor. It was enough to wash down the taco. It was a little different having a chicken finger in a taco. I did enjoy that and their guacamole was spot on. Overall, its cheap and calms the grumbling tummy sounds from hunger.

Texas BBQ

In Austin, everyone recommended BBQ and tacos. I was unable to get to Franklin’s BBQ as they’re so busy you must get in line before it opens. It will have to be a future endeavor with Jamie. I did try another place, simply named Texas Ranch BBQ. The BBQ trailer is run from inside the Papalote Taco House restaurant and you can order BOTH tacos and BBQ. If you have a indecisive belly, this is a great option for you. Get your hunk of red meat followed by some new takes on the traditional taco.

Texas Sandwich Meat of the Day was pulled pork.
and the pulled pork was juicy and amazing!!! Melt in you mouth good!

Now the highlight of my Austin trip was the brewery located 1 block behind my hotel. You cannot beat a location like that. They were friendly and had a great selection of beers and swag. I love my swag, and I ended up grabbing some stickers for Jamie.

The Smoke N Brew was the least favorite of the 3 from my evening at Skull Mechanix. It wasn’t a peaty taste, but you can taste the smoke flavor. The grain is smoked for over 4 hours before being brewed into a lager. It wasn’t bad and I bet it would go really well with a BBQ.

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