Bacon tragedy in Sin City

I know what bacon is and when you say something bacon is for bacon lovers, I better see some bacon! 

Stopped off in the MGM for what was to be the bacon lovers bloody, the BLT Bloody Mary. 

One, I repeat, one piece of bacon.  A single leaflet from a head of romaine lettuce.  That was this “bacon lovers favorite bloody mary”. Bleh…. it was missing flavor and it was expensive.  

Oh vegas.  In the first few hours of our arrival you already disappointed us.

Should have worn sunscreen

So much SNOW in Tahoe!

First time in Reno for me and a return for Jamie. Focus on Lake Tahoe and getting out of the city.

We wanted to initially escape the cold here in Alaska, so we decided to head south. Vegas would have been warmer, but then places to stay and rental cars would have been too much. Reno offered us a place to stay and transportation (at least we thought).

Ricochet was to also travel with us, breaking her travel cherry. We bought a carrier and everything. She was so well behaved and she was loved by all that saw her in the airport. She was so spoiled too.

Ok, back to the Reno plan. We booked our flights and were ready to go. Then the storms blew in. Snow and blizzards shut down highways and airports in many of the west coast and areas of Lake Tahoe were impassible and closed down. Jamie’s mother had a little “mishap” with her vehicle and it was headed to the shop. Now we had a place to stay and transport, but that just went out the window.

Instead of paying $125 per person to change to go somewhere else, we decided to just get ourselves an SUV for $140 total.

Did you know that Jeep makes a 2-wheel drive? Seriously?!? The whole reason I rented an SUV was for the 4-wheel and clearance. Dumb…

The trip was a blast. We gambled, we drank and we saw so much snow in Lake Tahoe. You couldn’t;t even see peoples homes. There is a hot springs just outside Carson City that was really nice. Sit and relax. Its way more commercialized than the Chena Hot Springs I’m used to, but it was still very nice.

Do You See This??? Bottomless on weekends!!!
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Lake Tahoe Nevada
Yummy yummy for my tummy

Two Chicks

This restaurant name is perfect for us 2 lesbians! We had to check it out, plus is came highly recommended. I of course had to have the Kimchee bloody, which did give me some wicked heart burn, but was worth it for the taste. Jamie ordered the Two Chicks house bloody, but they brought her the Kimchee bloody instead, which she did consume, but wasn’t too happy.

They have all sorts of restaurant swag available, and they have quite a line out the door, so get there early for brunch. I would recommend the biscuits and gravy. It was so good, especially after flying for 6 hours on a red eye.