The word Aloha is more than just a word. More than a greeting, salutation; its a verb, a noun, an adjective. It is a feeling, activity and a lifestyle. Our time in Hawaii on the island of Oahu was very pleasant and adventurous.

In waikiki there is a fun little gay karaoke bar, Wang Chungs. It is located inside the hotel we stayed at for the first night that we were on the island. So many pretty men!

not purple people, but happy

They make this specialty drink with vodka and lychee. Still unsure of what lychee really is, but it was smooth, fruity and delicious. The lychee somewhat reminded me of the appearance of the cocao fruit before they dry it to make it into chocolate. 

If you are looking for some sexy men that love to sing, look for Wang Chungs in Waikiki Beach. Its just a block from 2 ABC stores and a few walks from the beach. 


You must see Dukes Waikiki. They have a list of cocktails that are tried and true. Many different versions of the MaiTai. While there, we actually sat next to the living relative of Duke Kahanamoku. The pics of the surfing legend is all over the place. The statue just up the street in his honor. 

Duke Kahanamoku was truly the embodiement of Aloha spirit. 

Tiki drinks for the delight

I know that the Mai Tai is the drink of choice for those adventuring to the island and we definitely didn’t have issues finding them in any or every bar or restaurant. Bloody Mary’s on the other-hand, weren’t necessarily as easy. 

Pineapple mimosa and a bloody breakfast

More than hard liquor, good brew too

Get a big ass burger!

There isn’t many breweries in the area of the island we were staying, but there is one. Lanikai Brewing has some bomb ass cidar. Very small brewery that doesn’t branch into many of the bars or nearby establishments, you really can only experience it there in Kailua.