Baton Rouge

Crawfish boils and Boudin!

Originally I was a little nervous about my trip to Baton Rouge. You see, it was for work. I am not a small frame woman, and I was headed to LA for rope rescue training. I had been training for a few weeks on getting some rope experience, self-rescuing, ascending, and lots of knots. It takes a lot of energy and strength to climb a rope at my size and limited flexibility.

Baton rouge is beautiful. Further from the ocean than my previous LA experience in New Orleans, but right there on the Mississippi. Crawfish tunnels in the ground just on the edge of the training facility.

Abita Brewing

Although its brewed in New Orleans, I drank way more of it in Baton Rouge. I had no idea they had so many flavors. Its high in alcohol but really low IBU. I am not a fan of the high bitterness you get in most higher content brews.

This is the best of the brews!

They have raspberry infused, lagers, strawberry, browns; bascially a variety of flavors for any beer drinker to enjoy.

Mason’s Grill

When I was sitting at the bar drinking my Andygator, I asked the bar tenders where the best bloody mary is located. Almost as if scripted and in unison, both responded “Mason’s Grill”. They even won a award for their bloody. So I made sure that we were to travel to this grill for dinner and a bloody drink.

Award winner

There is a great opportunity for building your own bloody mary, and they have several ingredients to choose from. I ordered the award winner.

The options for a custom bloody are awesome. Gin, Vodka, Tequila
This was it, this is what I came for….
It looks so perfect and amazingly delicious!

And I was disappointed. The meat stick tasted… well…old. Left a funky aftertaste. There wasn’t anything special about this bloody, it wasn’t mind blowing, and it didn’t have a whole lot of zest. It was kind of boring. The only thing that was good about it was all the garnish: pearl onion, celery, okra, olive, green bean, and the gross meat straw.
What I appreciated more than the bloody was their unique burgers and the variety of Black and Tans to drink. That was way more impressive.
The list of black and tans was lengthy and I am not a fan of Guinness, but I love me some black and tans.

Mason’s cocktails
The Yuengling Black & Tan was delicious

Sammy’s Smokehouse

The final night of food, was a long wait. I had quite a few Abita brews before heading to dinner, so I wasn’t really hungry, but I did have some amazing blackened alligator. I also had their craw-fish Alfredo.


Rope Rescue and Confined Space Rescue on the USS KIDD

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