Heineken Beer. Not usually my go-to in beers. There sure was a lot in Amsterdam.
A little history of the beer, courtesy of Wikipedia. Started in 1864, but the original closed in 1988. It is now co-owned by SABMiller and Anheuser-Busch. Although it has american influence now the draft beer in Amsterdam tastes COMPLETELY different than the beers you can get here in the US. The flavor is lacking in America, there is little flavor but the price is usually a little cheaper.

I do remember drinking the mini-keg as a teenager thinking it was the greatest invention in drinking ever. Now as an adult it is not the most delectable beer. It is worth getting in Amsterdam. It is also one of the ONLY beers in Amsterdam. When you walk into a bar, don’t expect many varieties of beer on tap. What you do have is a choice of which Heineken tap you would like to drink from.


Fine Dining at Everett’s

Everett’s at Mat-Su Resort. That location has been home to so many bars and restaurants. Numerous owners and a lot of drama. This time it has its fanciest setting. The bloody marys here are delicious and always come with a variety of garnish’s. This was the first meat straw location here in Alaska that I had seen. They also have a house, jalapeno infused vodka that goes very well in the bloody.

Yummy garnish!
View of the lake on a hot summer day is amazing. This was taken inside due to chilly, rainy weather.

They only do brunch on Sundays and their holiday specials are well worth it. Jamie’s birthday breakfast one year consisted of shrimp and grits (I find grits gross) and she thought they were done perfectly.

The prices can be a little steep, but the food is well prepared and their presentation is good. The bacon wrapped dates are a must try!!!

Back Street Back Vegas!

Many years ago when I was a young teen, I enjoyed listening to BSB and Britney Spears. My sister and I had made plans to see Backstreet live in Vegas and my dad was to travel as the chaperone. I was 14. 20 years later, there is a reunion tour in Vegas. Same band but a score later. This was a must-do event for my sister, dad and I. Jamie was dragged begrudgingly along (she was a little older when the boy bands were making their mark).

Overall we had a blast. We enjoyed drinks and food; there was a nice relaxing pool at the hotel where the concert was also being held. I knew every line of every song still. The only thing is that they do not move as quickly as they 20 years prior. It is understandable with age, but there was less dancing from them and relying on their backup dancers.

Vodka Cran at Planet Hollywood
Is this considered a taco bar?

Getting the “Chit”na outta here!

A tiny community with a dangerous fishing history and a interesting slogan. “Where the Hell is Chitina?” On the only road to McCarthy you will pass through Chitina. There is a bar and some small shops to see, but the main reason to stay is for the river and the fish. Copper river reds can go for a pretty penny in the commercial market. Here you can stand along a very fast and very dangerous river and sink your net in hopes of grabbing a few of these salmon. Every year someone perishes form the swift current and snags under the rapids.

There are still fish-wheels being used and you can watch them circle around scooping up fish. Make sure you stop in and take a little camping stop there near the water.

McCarthy, across the bridge and up to the glacier. The old mine can still be walked through (in parts that are deemed safe and updated) and you can travel all the way to the glacier. I recommend taking bikes or a wheeler with you so you can go up and down the road from the town to the mine, as those shuttles can add up in price.

Kennicott Mine

The only vehicles in town are for the people that live there. If you are coming to visit and site see you will have to walk or cross into town through a shuttle, bike or ATV.


Hidden Gem of Alaska

Valdez takes some time getting to and it takes some fuel supply. There are long stretches of zero cell coverage, zero radio tunes but miles of peaks, mountainous terrain and wildlife. The drive is a very scenic one with waterfalls around every corner. A few places you can walk along a glacier and take a dip in was fresh, cold water.

The hidden aspect of it, although it has some serious impact on the state and a infamous history is that there is nothing in between one community and another. No rest stops, no service stations, no phone service, no tourist shops. The 5.5 hours of driving from Palmer to head to a town that has a population in the 3000 range makes it a tough decision, when there are larger cities, much closer in proximity to one another.

The City of Valdez is cute; a few shops, one grocery store, no stop lights but instead a “blinky light” makes this a quaint little fishing community that refines the states oil. Such importance, such significance, but such size that it can be deceiving.

Make your way to the harbor where you can eat a plethora of foods, from ethic to seafood to good ‘ol american burgers! Get a bloody at the Fat Mermaid.

Fat Mermaid – Valdez Alaska!


Did not spend much time here in Dallas. Well…. actually I spent a long time here, but it was at the airport. Awaiting connecting flights to and from Baton Rouge. I have zero experience with American Airlines, but damn, they were slow and lost some bags.

I did get my bloody mary from the bar in the airport which made the wait a little easier.

The “Love Shack”. It called to me…
Simple and Satisfying

Baton Rouge

Crawfish boils and Boudin!

Originally I was a little nervous about my trip to Baton Rouge. You see, it was for work. I am not a small frame woman, and I was headed to LA for rope rescue training. I had been training for a few weeks on getting some rope experience, self-rescuing, ascending, and lots of knots. It takes a lot of energy and strength to climb a rope at my size and limited flexibility.

Baton rouge is beautiful. Further from the ocean than my previous LA experience in New Orleans, but right there on the Mississippi. Crawfish tunnels in the ground just on the edge of the training facility.

Abita Brewing

Although its brewed in New Orleans, I drank way more of it in Baton Rouge. I had no idea they had so many flavors. Its high in alcohol but really low IBU. I am not a fan of the high bitterness you get in most higher content brews.

This is the best of the brews!

They have raspberry infused, lagers, strawberry, browns; bascially a variety of flavors for any beer drinker to enjoy.

Mason’s Grill

When I was sitting at the bar drinking my Andygator, I asked the bar tenders where the best bloody mary is located. Almost as if scripted and in unison, both responded “Mason’s Grill”. They even won a award for their bloody. So I made sure that we were to travel to this grill for dinner and a bloody drink.

Award winner

There is a great opportunity for building your own bloody mary, and they have several ingredients to choose from. I ordered the award winner.

The options for a custom bloody are awesome. Gin, Vodka, Tequila
This was it, this is what I came for….
It looks so perfect and amazingly delicious!

And I was disappointed. The meat stick tasted… well…old. Left a funky aftertaste. There wasn’t anything special about this bloody, it wasn’t mind blowing, and it didn’t have a whole lot of zest. It was kind of boring. The only thing that was good about it was all the garnish: pearl onion, celery, okra, olive, green bean, and the gross meat straw.
What I appreciated more than the bloody was their unique burgers and the variety of Black and Tans to drink. That was way more impressive.
The list of black and tans was lengthy and I am not a fan of Guinness, but I love me some black and tans.

Mason’s cocktails
The Yuengling Black & Tan was delicious

Sammy’s Smokehouse

The final night of food, was a long wait. I had quite a few Abita brews before heading to dinner, so I wasn’t really hungry, but I did have some amazing blackened alligator. I also had their craw-fish Alfredo.


Rope Rescue and Confined Space Rescue on the USS KIDD

Slopers Life

Where I work, there is no alcohol allowed. So we make do with “near beer”. I didn’t even realize how many brands of NA beer there is available. Sometimes its nopt about the buzz but the tatste of a beer after a hard days work. I don’t usually partake, but its because I think they all taste like spoiled water.

What I DO partake in, is the flight home. I love making bloody marys from ingredients I can bring on the plane. I buy the vodka and mix from the flight attendant and then I make my bloody concoction.

2 Girls Walk into a Bar

Drinking with Pride

Two girls walk into a bar. Sounds like a joke or at least a good start to one. This is the first entry of hopefully many many more to come. Stories you will read involve alcohol, camping, traveling and eating from all over the United States and parts of the world.

My girlfriend and I share something special. We both love to travel, see different cultures, be outside in the wilderness, and beer. Our goal is to travel all over going to different microbreweries throughout the world but I have a special goal in mind. I love bloody marys.

I will share stories of finding the best gay-friendly establishments for their beer, their service, and of course their bloody marys.

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What happens when you search the world for LGBT friendly bars that serve bloody mary’s? Adventures, stories and a whole lot of memories.  

I’m going to tell you all the amazing places to visit and avoid when searching the globe for a good bloody mary in a safe and friendly environment.

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  • Those were the “medium” sized ones
  • Cooper Landing camping bloody
  • Nothing better than a liquid diet with the one you love.
  • Bleeding Heart. Get the beet beer!
  • Tammy’s Pop a Top. Best place in Mississippi

Born and raised in Alaska. I love the outdoors: camping, fishing, hiking, and biking. My girlfriend, fiance now, and I love to travel. I love to drink bloody mary’s.  In every country and every state I seek out bloody mary choices and we both look for LGBT bars.  Sometimes this can get quite sketchy. 

We have 2 dogs, our youngest is a frenchie and the oldest is a mix (basenji/pit). We play rugby (beer league of course), softball (again, not professionally) and the rest of our spare time is trying to figure out our next trip. 

Small town girls in the big big world, with young livers and excitement for adventure. 

  • Bri Bri for Bre Bre
  • Zipline in the mexican desert
  • Miss Molly Marie. I love my dog (1 of 2)
  • Outdoors is calling
  • Roadtripping WA to MT. Rogue in Oregon