2 Girls Walk into a Bar

Drinking with Pride

Two girls walk into a bar. Sounds like a joke or at least a good start to one. This is the first entry of hopefully many many more to come. Stories you will read involve alcohol, camping, traveling and eating from all over the United States and parts of the world.

My girlfriend and I share something special. We both love to travel, see different cultures, be outside in the wilderness, and beer. Our goal is to travel all over going to different microbreweries throughout the world but I have a special goal in mind. I love bloody marys.

I will share stories of finding the best gay-friendly establishments for their beer, their service, and of course their bloody marys.

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What happens when you search the world for LGBT friendly bars that serve bloody mary’s? Adventures, stories and a whole lot of memories.  

I’m going to tell you all the amazing places to visit and avoid when searching the globe for a good bloody mary in a safe and friendly environment.

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  • Those were the “medium” sized ones
  • Cooper Landing camping bloody
  • Nothing better than a liquid diet with the one you love.
  • Bleeding Heart. Get the beet beer!
  • Tammy’s Pop a Top. Best place in Mississippi

Born and raised in Alaska. I love the outdoors: camping, fishing, hiking, and biking. My girlfriend, fiance now, and I love to travel. I love to drink bloody mary’s.  In every country and every state I seek out bloody mary choices and we both look for LGBT bars.  Sometimes this can get quite sketchy. 

We have 2 dogs, our youngest is a frenchie and the oldest is a mix (basenji/pit). We play rugby (beer league of course), softball (again, not professionally) and the rest of our spare time is trying to figure out our next trip. 

Small town girls in the big big world, with young livers and excitement for adventure. 

  • Bri Bri for Bre Bre
  • Zipline in the mexican desert
  • Miss Molly Marie. I love my dog (1 of 2)
  • Outdoors is calling
  • Roadtripping WA to MT. Rogue in Oregon

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