Albany, NY beer drinking capital.


I spent the entire afternoon from my class workshop bar hopping. A classmate of mine and I went to the World of Beer at the Crossgates mall. They have a massive selection of beers, all of which you can sample in the form of a flight.

Nine Pin

Nine Pin Cidery. Of all places in Albany, my Uber driver recommended this Cidery and it did not disappoint. Of all the places I could have been, there was a fellow Alaskan working behind the bar. From Fairbanks he was used to the cold weather and we had shared some good laughs about the differences in layers worn by Alaskans and L-48ers.

I recommend getting a flight and checking out the different flavors of cider, all grown in New York State. It is quite a delightful refreshment.

This is an awesome idea. New cider every 2 weeks and try and get them all! My version of Pokemon.
Strawberry Sour, Cherry Jubilee, Gooey Centers and Earl Grey.